Ceiling Fan Installation


Ceiling fans are a great feature in any home.  Not only will a ceiling fan help reduce the cost of cooling and heating your home, but will improve the looks of any room.  They help circulate cool air during the summer and disperse heat in the winter.  But if you’re current ceiling is not working or looks old, just replace it. Installing a ceiling fan is definitely a lot harder than it looks. Instructions can be long and complicated, and some fans can weigh as much as 50 pounds!  Keep in mind for the best circulation of the air in each room the ceiling fan blades should be 10” away for the lowest part of the ceiling.  With most slope ceilings an extra down rod will be needed to achieve the recommended distance.  On slope ceilings above a 4/12 pitch will also require a special canopy designed for those sloped ceilings or a special designed sloped box can be installed from the attic, this may need our Service Professionals to install additional framing to support this type of box.

Keep in mind that due to the weight and motion of a ceiling fan a special ceiling fan rated box most be either existing or our Service Professionals can install a new ceiling fan box for you.  In many cases this will be done from inside the room and not from the attic.  This requires a choice of two different types of remodel ceiling fan boxes for flat and slope ceilings.  One is an adjustable bar and brace box, which has several pieces that most be installed correctly and is installed between the ceiling joists, to help keep your ceiling fan stable.  The second one is a ceiling fan rated box that has three screws that attach to the existing ceiling framing.

In the event that you are requesting Integrity Electric to install a new fan at an existing ceiling light fixture, there are a few things you should know.   Our Service Professional will need to install a FAN RATED box at that location.  The next question that will be asked, “Do you wish to be able to control both the fan and light from separate switches or both from the one switch”?  This is because most ceiling fixtures only have two wires plus the bare ground installed during the original installation of your electrical systems.   Integrity Electric has several ways to allow you to control the light and fan without the added expense of installing additional wires, switches and now an upgrade to your electrical panel the installation of an ARC-FAULT circuit breaker and electrical inspections to meet local code and your insurance policies.

Some of the ceiling fans that we supply will allow you to wirelessly control the speed of the fan; dim the lights and reverse the direction of the fan.  Sometimes the controls are from a wall switch or a hand held battery operated remote control.  The remote control allows you to control all of the ceiling fan features from anywhere in the room and can also be setup to control multiple ceiling fans in the same area.

For your safety and to reduce any damage to your finished walls, ceiling and floors, when removing an existing ceiling fan, our Service Professionals will remove the light kit and blades before disconnecting the motor from the ceiling. This will help to remove the old fan from your home or business and allow Integrity Electric’s Service Professionals to take it with them when the job is completed, with your permission.

Leave the complicated and hazardous work to our professional electricians