Electrical review for home owners to reduce fires

Here at Integrity Electric of Grand Junction, Montrose and Delta Colorado we do not wish

Home fire

Home fire

this upon any of our clients. Besides the health, displacement of a family and money issues involved with a home fire. There are several ways to reduce this from happening to you. Do not leave your kitchen unattended while you are cooking, without turning things off. If you notice that your lights burn out frequently or hear unusual noises when you plug something in or turn on a switch. Notice that cords get hot to the touch, and circuit breakers or fuses trip or need to be replaced often.

These are sighs that something is wrong.

Several years ago we visited a client at 1:00AM at night because they lost power and could not get the MAIN BREAKER to turn back on. The had a Federal Pacific Electric electrical panel located above a shelf in a clothes closet, not a good place for any electrical equipment. Our Service technician suggested that they have the service replaced because of how unsafe #FPE #electrical #panels are. Within a 2 year period they lost their home while camping. Because they were notified of the dangers of the #service-equipment, their #insurance company originally claimed arson for the cause and denided them any money to rebuild. Today the family is living on the property in travel trailers and the husband died due to the stress of fighting the insurance company.

Check your smoke and CO detectors monthly and replace smoke every 10 and CO detectors every 5 years. If you need to have additional detectors installed there are several new options available for you.
Here is a link to some fun ways to make you and your family safe.


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