High Technical Troubleshooting

Do you have an electrical mystery you can’t solve? 

Short circuits, loss of power and unpredictable restore of power from unknown causes, flickering lights, blown fuses, broken outlets, faulty wiring, defective lights, code violations, damaged splices, complex fixture installation…

Electrical troubleshooting is a skilled art. If handled improperly, it can even be hazardous.  Inaccurate troubleshooting can lead to extended outages, increased overhead costs, additional unexpected repairs, reduced profits and potential injury.  Whether the problem started occurring upon first installation or afterwards.

Integrity Electric will inspect, diagnose, and fix the problem.  High-technical troubleshooting covers everything from new wiring systems to emergency electrical calls.  The specialized equipment used by our Service Professional, can aid in reducing the cost to troubleshoot the most complex problems.  Not only can they find the cause in a brief but powerful diagnostic with the  CBA-1000 tool shown here, but by combining  other circuit testing equipment.  Our certified and licensed electricians can reduce the time to locate the cause of your power outage.  This equipment is carried with all of our Service Professional, and is the only portable equipment UL approved to check your entire electrical circuits and breakers while power is on.  We can test and confirm that all of your new style circuit breakers (GE, Square D, Siemens and Cutler Hammer) are working properly and will protect the wires in your home.  Our electricians have superior technical knowledge and are willing to go the extra mile to solve your electrical problems.  Integrity Electric is currently the only electrical contractor on the Westernslope of Colorado, that carries and is trained to use this equipment.

At Integrity Electric our goal is to provide prompt, professional and friendly service.  Our electricians are dedicated to getting the job done right the first time!  We want to make sure that your electrical systems are running as safely and smoothly as possible.  Give us a call to make an appointment to solve the electrical mysteries in your home or business today.

Call Integrity Electric and consider your case closed!