Hot Tub & Sauna

Hot Tub

Hot tubs and Saunas can make your backyard the life of the party.  They offer a source of fun, entertainment, stress relief, and muscle relaxation.  Hot tubs and saunas are a great way to melt away the stress, so don’t detract from your relaxation with complicated installations.  Give Integrity Electric a call to help you enjoy your warm and cozy hot tub or sauna as promptly and safely as possible. We will make sure that you get the dedicated outlets and proper electrical wiring taken care of so that you can have the peace of mind to truly enjoy your new addition.  

There are so many available options. Why shouldn’t you get exactly what you want?  Don’t let tricky installations hold you back, let Integrity Electric handle all the complicated electrical details.  Integrity Electric will make sure that your existing electrical service can handle the extra load that a Hot Tub or Sauna adds.

Our Service Professionals will check that your proposed site meets or exceed local and State building and electrical requirements such things like location of existing lighting and other electrical components and patio covers.   No matter what kind of sauna or hot tub you order, from traditional therapeutic hot tubs to saunas with charcoal heated rocks, we have you covered.

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