Improve the safety of your family with wireless interconnected smoke and CO2 alarms

Integrity Electric is always concerned about your safety.  We have available to the home owners an optional smoke and CO2 detection alarms from First Alert. This system is a great alternative to having hardwired smoke and CO2 detectors installed in your home.  Most electrical contractors in the area will tell you that they have to installs wires between all the smoke and CO2 detectors in your home.   Integrity Electric is always looking for new products to save you money and other repair expenses.  The First Alert OneLink system is installed without disturbing your attic insulation and the finish of your homes interior.  article-new_ehow_images_a07_ps_34_recycle-first-alert-smoke-detector-800x800There are times that running wire to an addition or between a second and first floor is impossible without removing the ceiling and having the homeowner find someone to repair the many holes and paint  the damaged surfaces.  Now you have a better option,  it is  OneLink by First Alert.  What this system allows Integrity Electric to do is expand your smoke detection alarm system into your outdoor sheds, detached garage and into your bedrooms and halls without the need to install any wires.  The catch is that you must have at least one existing hardwired smoke alarm unit in your home.  Our Service Professionals then will replace your existing smoke alarm with the brains of the new OneLink systems and then mount the rest of the wireless units where you need or want them.  For more information about this system, please watch the video below.Talking.smoke



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