Landscape Lighting design and Suffit Receptacles

Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting


Landscape lighting is the perfect way to add beauty and security and Integrity Electric offers complete landscape lighting design

solutions for your home. Landscape lighting is one of the most dramatic improvements that you can make to a home or garden.  Integrity Electric has a team of experts that are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and superior craftsmanship.  Integrity Electric will give you the quality and professionalism you have looked for when it comes to your custom landscape lighting needs.

Why install landscape lighting?

  • Ambiance and Entertainment– Create the perfect atmosphere for outdoor entertaining with landscape lighting.  Illuminate pools, decks, patios, recreational spaces, and sitting areas long after the sun sets. Create mood lighting that gives your guests an experience they will not soon forget.


  • Beauty – Accentuate the architecture of your home while showcasing its artistry and charm.  Allow your guests to experience the beauty of your fountains, flowers, trees and shrubs.  Create dramatic scenes that show the subtle contours, shapes and textures of your property.


  • Timers – Control the operation of your lighting turning on/off outdoor lights so that you do not need to remember to turn on or off your lights while you and your family is away.   They can also be help when family members come home at different times during the night, so you are coming home to a lit up home.


  • Security – Lighting your home is an effective way to deter residential crime.  Although lighting cannot prevent crime, statistics show that a well-lit home is much more likely to deter potential criminals.  Read more about how landscape lighting design deters criminals.


  •  Motion tracking & infra-red – technology to security lighting is a great way to have the light directed toward the area that motion and heat is picked up.  This will give you the feeling that someone is watching and turning the light toward you from a remote location.  These lights have an available remote wireless alarms and day/night digital recordable camera.


  • Motion Lighting –tripped flood lights are a great way to protect your home and save energy at the same time because the lights only come on when you need them.
  • Safety – Landscape lighting accents pathways, stairs, or any other potential hazards within your yard.  Lighting helps you to navigate safely around your property while enjoying its beauty at the same time.


  •  Added Value – Landscape lighting makes your home stand out from the rest.  Well-placed lighting can add value to your property by improving the appearance of your home and landscaping.   Lighting is a worthwhile investment that adds security, beauty and serenity to your property.


  • Soffit Receptacles –  useful for decorating your home for the holidays.  Eliminate the need of extension cords and improve the safety during the HOLIDAYS.  These outlets can also be used for the installation of HEAT TAPE, when properly installed with the correct protection, to reduce ice on your roof and damaging your gutters and downspouts.

No home is complete without landscape lighting design by Integrity Electric.  Take advantage of this opportunity to illuminate the beauty of your home and your landscape today.  This is your chance to simultaneously increase the security, safety, ambiance, beauty and value of your home.  Our professionals are ready to help you light the way to more beautiful surroundings.