What you see when you are driving or walking toward us

What you see when you are driving or walking toward us

Hope you enjoy the picture of one of the Service Technician’s van. We designed the graphics so that you can read our name while you are driving by us day and night. The majority of our customers are women, single, or the one owner who is usually home. Our staff is background checked, so why not have a highly visible vehicle for them to be in. As an Electrical Contractor, serving Grand Junction, Montrose, Delta and surround areas, safety is our number concern for us and especially for our customers. With you and your neighbors being able to see and read our business name on all four sides of the fleet, you can rest easy when we arrive at your home. What a great way to tell you neighbors’ who is visiting you. The next time that you and your neighbors’ talk, they just might ask:
“We noticed that Integrity Electric was over the other day. What did they do for you, and would you recommend them to us. We need a ceiling fan in one of our room, because I have no idea who to call to have our work done for us.”



Living room remodel:  installing new stone, gas fireplace and outlets.





Resurfacing the area with new stone, relocated outlets for convenience

Resurfacing the area with new stone, relocated outlets for convenie









Lighting up the master bedroom, using wireless switches to reduce damage to the walls.  With this switch the owners are able to control both ceiling fixtures independent of each other.  This unit uses not batteries for power, and can be located any where in the room to control the lights.










Kitchen exhaust vent being installed over an island that has the range in.  This is a ductless, recycle unit with four speeds and lights.  The person in the photo is a general contractor that we recommend for such projects.  This helps the customer get everyone together to finish a project.  The holes in the ceiling that we cut in to get the new circuit and framing for the hood, was all repaired and painted before we left.






Installing of a ceiling mounted ductless vent

Installing of a ceiling mounted ductless vent













Upgrading Security Lighting.  Covers more of an area without adding more fixtures


Before and After

Before and After


















Night watched security systems

Night watched security systems







New Residential Construction


What is behind your walls

What is behind your walls