Specialty Receptacles

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Why Do I Need New Outlets?

Outlets are a great way to conveniently plug in appliances you need in the bathroom, kitchen, garage or basement.  Having enough outlets allows you to easily access electricity when you need it.  It can be very inconvenient and hazardous to run extension cords across the room to plug things in.  Having the right kind of outlets can protect you and your family from electrocution or electrical fires or even protect your children from sticking their fingers or foreign objects in sockets.  When you have outlets where you need them you can plug your power tools in and have outlets to spare for your sprinkler system and lawn mower.  Having the right outlets can even make hanging your Christmas lights easier.  Give Mr. Electric a call to find out how you can use outlets to your advantage in your home.

Are My Outlets Dangerous?


Over time receptacles can become damaged or be broken.  If they are not taken care of appropriately, they can put you and your family at risk of an electrical fire or electrical shock.

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission electrical outlets are involved in 5,300 fires annually and they claim around 40 lives and injure around 110 consumers.

Receptacles can even deteriorate from frequent use.  As a result, plugs can begin to fit loosely into electrical outlets.  Outlets like this can overheat and become potential fire hazards if they are not replaced.  In addition, outlets may have poor internal connections or faulty wiring.  This can also cause the outlet to overheat and potentially even emit sparks.  Give us a call to replace your damaged, deteriorated or malfunctioning outlets to guard against electrical fires and electrocution.

Kinds of Specialty Outlets

Duplex Wall Outlets or 120-Volt Receptacles
Duplex wall outlets are the most common kind of receptacle.  These are used for your standard conventional plugs. You can do several different things with a duplex wall outlet. You can have a receptacle that the upper and lower sockets are connected together, the upper and lower sockets are powered by separate breakers or where one socket is controlled by a wall switch.

Outdoor Receptacles & Soffit Receptacles
You may want to add outlets outside the home for holiday lighting, power tools, fountains, or lawn equipment.  These specialty outlets have to have the proper housing to be protected from the elements.

GFCI Outlets
Ground fault circuit interrupters are used in areas like the kitchen, bathroom or garage where the risk of electrical shock is greater.  These outlets can help protect you from electrical hazards.

240-Volt Receptacles or 3 or 4 Prong Receptacles
This type of plug is designed specifically for equipment that requires 240-volts of power.  Laundry dryers and Electric ranges are a few examples that may require this type of specialty receptacle.

Tamper Resistant Outlets
Tamper resistant outlets, sometimes called child proof outlets, are great to help protect your children from accidentally shocking or burning themselves.  These can be added to game rooms, nurseries, bedrooms and any other area a child might play.

Floor Outlets
You may need an outlet in the middle of your floor to plug in a lamp, a computer or other electrical device.  A floor outlet can prevent you from running cords across the floor that may be a tripping hazard.

Rotating Outlets
These outlets rotate to fit bulky power cords, plugs and adaptors.


Recessed Outlets
This type of outlet allows you to hide plugs behind TV’s, monitors, artwork or other items mounted flush against a wall.

2 Duplex Receptacles
Having more than one duplex receptacle allows you to plug more things in at one time.  You won’t need multi-plug extensions with this type of specialty receptacle.

Combination Switch & Receptacle
For spaces that need switches and outlets, but have limited space this is a very practical and functional solution.

Landscape Receptacle Post

You may need an outlet for your water feature, landscape lighting or one under a tree for power tools.  These are very convenient and reduces the need to long extension cords.

Integrity Electric recommends that you never put a plug into an outlet that it’s not made for.  In addition, we recommend having your outlets checked out regularly to ensure they are safe and functional.  Give us a call today to update and install your home or business with the outlets you need!