Transfer Switches

If you are thinking about purchasing a generator to provide emergency power to your home or business, you will need a generator transfer switch to safely supply the necessary power. Call Integrity Electric to have a transfer switch installed with your new generator.

A transfer switch powers your generator during black outs, brown outs or other power outages. It is connected to both utility power and your generator. A transfer switch will isolate each type of power to prevent back-feeding  The National Electrical Code (NEC) requires a transfer switch if you have more than one source of power feeding into your home. It is illegal to have a generator connected directly to electrical wiring without a transfer switch because it can cause back-feeding  Back-feeding occurs when you supply electricity from your electrical system back into the utility lines. It is an electrical hazard for utility workers as well as your neighbors who are unaware that voltage is present on the line. Your generator can even be damaged if power is restored while back-feeding is occurring. 


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What size transfer switch do I need?
Transfer switches range from 50 to 200 amps. The size of your transfer switch will depend upon many things including: the size of your utility service, the appliances you wish to operate and the size of generator. If you are looking to power your entire house, 100 to 200 amp transfer switches will be more desirable.

What kind of transfer switch do I need? 
There are three main types of transfer switches: manual switches, automatic switches and a manual and automatic combination switches. Automatic transfer switches have the obvious advantage of automatically transferring between utility power and generator power when the power goes out and switching back when the power returns. However, manual switches and combination switches allow for more flexibility in use.

Some of the smaller transfer switches include a small power distribution panel with them.  This helps to reduce the cost of installing a transfer.switchseparate sub-panel that will have the circuits from your original electrical panel moved into them.  Backing up power for the home in most cases is not needed.  Rather you are backup the house or a few selected circuits, a sub-panel that is directly connected to the transfer switch is always needs, as shown in this image.

Maintain power to critical electrical appliances before the next power outage with a safely installed generator and transfer switch by Integrity Electric.

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