lighting Transformers –More than meet the eye
From doorbell transformers to landscape lighting transformers, Integrity Electric has you          covered.  We will help you with transformer repairs, installation or hi-tech transformer   troubleshooting.  Give us a call to install a new door bell or landscape lighting transformer today!

What is a transformer?
A transformer is an electrical device that increases or decreases the voltage and current being dispersed.  Transformers are commonly used for devices like doorbell and landscape lighting because they operate at a lower voltage.  Standard house voltage runs at 120 volts while doorbell and low voltage landscape lighting work at around 12 volts.  A transformer is used to reduce the current transferred so that it can work at a lower voltage safely and efficiently.

Doorbell Transformers
Is your doorbell making a funny buzzing sound or has it stopped working all together?  Give Integrity Electric a call and we will help you get rid of that harsh buzzing noise and replace it with a charming and welcoming melody.  Make a great first impression when your guests arrive at your door with the clear ring of a new doorbell.

Low-Voltage Landscape Lighting Transformers    
Are you looking to install low-voltage landscape lighting or are you having difficulty effectively and efficiently using your current landscape lighting?  It may be time to update your existing transformer or install a new one.

Low-voltage landscape lighting typically uses 12-24 volts instead of the standard 120 volts.  A transformer will reduce the current transferred so that you can safely and efficiently use your landscape lights.  The advantage to using low-voltage systems is that they use less energy, they are safer, more flexible and ultimately more attractive. The transformers for low-voltage lighting can even be buried inconspicuously in the yard while still maintaining peak performance.