Let Integrity Electric improve the security  for  your  family and business .  Our Service Professionals have the knowledge to design  a new security lighting systems tailored for your specific needs.

Why do you need to upgrade your existing security lighting around your home or business.  Crime statistic are showing a great increase in crime due to OLD technology  used for security lighting. For  Example:  Fixed, Motion and Dawn to Dusk, lighting fixtures that most of us are familiar with.  Criminals know the perimeter lighting for our businesses and homes are ignored and do not draw attention to them.  Most homeowners that use motion lights no longer check why the lights came on, due to a high rate of coming on because of a tree limb is moving inside the sensing zones.

Here is an example of what we are used to:

Commercial Security LightingResidential security lighting

Commercial lighting        Residential lighting

NOW is the time to move up to the NEXT GENERATION OF SECURITY LIGHTING


Integrity Electric has partnered  with the manufacture of security lighting systems which our Service Technicians can design to fit your needs.  Rather you want to light up your driveway, blind spots, walkway to your doors, cover a larger area.  The next generation of security lighting combines two technologies into one clean design and improves the  security for you and your family or business.  Grab your attention, method of deterrent includes, letting you know you when the light comes on via a remote alarm, record activity around your business and home, day or night and both.

What makes these lights superior than anything now available is they eliminates false alarm.  You go to your front door completely exposed to check why the light is on.  You go look and nothing there, or someone is and enters your home or business now your family or staff are in danger.  These lights do more than turn on either with a 150 watt halogen or an energy efficient 8 watt LED light head.  They pick up MOTION and HEAT using INFRARED technology in three separate zones and moves toward and follows you or an intruder.  Giving you and the intruder the feeling of being watched.











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